LNA Continuing Education

  1. Hello!

    Would anyone who is an LNA please tell me what you do & have done each year to complete your Continuing Education Requirements?

    Thank you!
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  3. by   FabulousGirl
    I work in LTC and we have "inservices" we attend. We basically sit there for about 30 minutes while someone talks about stuff like skin tears, continence managent, etc., and it counts as time for continued education for keeping your license. I think here in NH you need 12 hours a year or something like that.

    Also, right now I'm an LNA I, but I hear the Red Cross offers LNA II courses as well as Phlebotomy courses; both of which look great and offer you to learn more skills... buuuut I'm not sure if they're worth the cash. I've yet to meet anyone whose gone through them.