Just opened my acceptance to NHTI! Just opened my acceptance to NHTI! | allnurses

Just opened my acceptance to NHTI!

  1. 0 I'm so excited that I made it in to NHTI! It's only a 7 minute drive away.
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    great news congrats
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    Congrats!!! You will do awesome!! They have a great rep in the community for turning out well prepared grads!!
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    WHHOOOOHOOO Hula dance to you - Congrats!!

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    CONGRATS...See you in SEPT!!! I was accepted too!!
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    Thanks Jamie-Sue!
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    Congratulations from an Alumni!!!!!!
    I graduated from there in 1979 and am still going strong. And their reputation back then was the same, that they turned out well prepared grads! I have worked across the US and overseas, all starting in lil ol' NHTI.
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    :smiley_aa CONGRATS :smiley_aa

    I am a current nursing student there, but am graduating in TWO months!!! Good luck, it is a lot of work, but worth it in the end!!

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    Hey Swtooth - I'm friends with Gretchen A. She's loaning me her Micro book for the summer class.
    Congratulations on your graduation.