Just got my acceptance to NHTI TOO!!

  1. 0 YA! I am so psyched!! Bring september on!
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    congratulations yes. i'll see you in september or maybe on one of the orientation days. my name is jane. i'll be taking micro this summer and maybe the required math. how about you?
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    Hi Jane - I am Jamie I am finishing up micro but will take the math over the summer, hopefully online. It would be nice to have a relaxing summer...I am SO nervous! I am ready to get going though I know the program at Concord is INTENSE!!
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    An online math class is great. I took on last summer - but they won't take for nursing . so I have to pay for another math.

    Anyway, the online thing is so cool b/c you can be in your pajamas and do it, or do 5 lessons in a row . I thought it was great.
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    I love the online thing too I actually don't have to take math for allied health. Its just a math elective and I have done College Algebra 1 and apparently that will cover it.

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