Is Rivier College a good school? Is Rivier College a good school? | allnurses

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Is Rivier College a good school?

  1. 0 I am accepted into the evening nursing program at Rivier in Nashua NH for the Fall. I will have my BSN in 2014. I am very excited, but tonight in my Micro class (I am taking it at Nashua Community College) someone told me that it is a bad school. She said it had a bad pass rate for the NCLEX. Now I am so nervous...Does anyone know about Rivier?
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    I wouldnt go there... I was a student there, and I had an "incident" with a teacher. I reported, nothing was done, I had witnesses, nothing was done, I left the school, nothing was done, the nasty guy is still working their though.... I cant say his name though