Great Bay Community College NLN score?

  1. 0 hi everyone,
    i'm trying to get into great bay community college's RN program and i just got my nln scores back. do you know if they look at the composite percentile score, or the percentile scores? because if they look at the composites, i got in the 90s, but if they look at percentiles... i got 97 in english, 76 in math, and 68 in science.

    i'll give them a call on monday but i was wondering if anyone here knew so i wouldn't worry all weekend long!

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    Hi there, I can't remember for sure how they calculated it, but I want to say that they look at the composite score. Did you complete A&P 1 and 2 already?
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    Hi Knitted Mittens I'm just wondering if you got accepted at Great Bay or if you went some where else? Thanks.
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    She did

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