Current LNA openings in LTC?

  1. 0 Hi All ~

    Wondering if anyone knows of any LTC facilities looking to hire an LNA per diem or pt employment? I am pretty flexible with area although preference to stay around the seacoast area.
    Appreciate the help!
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    Riverwoods is hiring, I believe rockingham county is, sunbridge is(exeter)-but I have heard some HORROR stories about that place. There are a couple of more too, depending on your experience, maybe you can do benda home health, so thats a few places that are hiring that I can think of
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    Nicco thanks so much! I am entry level and looking for part time or per diem. Sunbridge currently nothing listed on website, Rockingham full time or part time 30 + hours (go figure). Basically looking to get refunded through state and unfortunatly Benda doesnt qualify. I currently work ft and would like to get something on weekends or a night or 2 during the week. If anyone should know please forward information to me. Thanks!

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