University of Southern Nevada nursing students 2010-2012

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    I am from South California and will attend nursing school in USN this coming August. Anyone here is from South Cali and is going to the same school with me this August? It would be nice to know a few people first before school starts so we can help each other in term of looking for a place to rent/ roommates, preparing for school, or simple just for making new friends..hehe

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    Hi everyone from Roseman 2010-2012,
    My good friend -------- attended Roseman from 2010-2012. I was wondering if anyone on here knows her or her boyfriend--------------. They both have been out of contact for a little while now and I haven't been able to get a hold of either one of them. She was working at Sutter health in Sacramento.
    Please, if you have any information on them, please let me know. It is very important.
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