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teas v reading 80%

  1. 0 hey everyone, i just have a quick question for those who passed the reading portion of the teas v with 80% or higher... since this is a computerized test, did you guys skip the long passages and went straight for the short answer questions? when i took the teas, i was seconds from running out of time and even then, i had to quickly guess and answer on the last few questions of the exam. i just want to know how you guys got through the reading portion and what was the best method for passing the reading portion? thank you!!!<img src="http://img.allnurses.com/smilies/happy.png" border="0" alt="" title="Smile" smilieid="9" class="inlineimg">
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    hey! I saw you on one of the other posts and noticed you're going to roseman? I would pm you but I don't know how lol and is it still possible to get into that school without chem? if not what chem should I take?? cause ive only taken chem 108. and do they only accept students in the summer?
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    I skipped reading the full passage and looked at the short answer questions first. Then I skimmed through the passage to find the answers to the questions. I ended up with somewhere around 88% for the reading section.
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    I didn't skip anything, I just did everything in order. The first time I took it I scored like a 90 and the second time an 88 (I took it again for an overall higher score, which I obtained). Time is time so it really doesn't matter when you do the questions. It doesn't give you any more or less time overall by skipping and going back to the long ones.
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    Also, on some of the exams you take in nursing school and beyond (ATI and NCLEX), you can't go back so I would get used to it now