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  1. Hi Guys - I currently live in Reno and have been an RN on a medical/telemetry floor for 9 months. I am thinking of relocating to Las Vegas sometime in August, as my hubby wants to attend UNLV. We like Las Vegas, and we think Summerlin is beautiful!
    I was just wondering if anyone works at the Summerlin Hosptail... what do people/patients have to say about it, the pay for someone with a year or so experience, how hard it is to get a job there, etc. If we live in Summerlin, I'd love to work at the hospital there and be close to work.
    Thanks for any input!!

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  3. by   AZNurse2015
    KJ, I know this is a somewhat old topic, but if you've since moved, could you tell me how you find Summerlin? I am applying for an acute rehab position there, and am very excited about it. I would have PM'd you here, but the system won't let me.