Shift Differentials in LV hospitals???

  1. hey do most of the LV hospitals have shift differentials? if so how much are they usually?
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  3. by   ShadowLV
    Yes they do. My friend works at a rehab hospital and gets 1.25 more an hour.
  4. by   lllliv
    i'm in vegas.

    a buck and some change for night shift---notta for weekend.
  5. by   tccjknv
    My friend works Fri, Sat, Sun, so she works 36 hours, but gets paid for 40. She also works nights and gets paid $1 and some change more an hour.
  6. by   Race Mom
    St. Rose pays $1 for weekend AND $2.50 for 7p-7a. So if you are working Fri, Sat, Sun 7p-7a, you will get $3.50 shift diff.
  7. by   lllliv
    i heard our new contract went through and they are giving 1.25 for weekend diff.
  8. by   ajrn523
    WOW. EVERYTHING about LV hospitals sounds HORRIBLE. At my hospital in a small Ohio city it is $3 for nights and $3 for weekends. In Columbus it is $7 at some hospitals. Nurse/pt ratios are 5-6. If my family wasn't all in LV there is no way I would move there. No wonder there is a nursing shortage. LV SUCKS. Unfortunately I am moving there in a couple of months.