Saint Mary's Transition to Practice Program

  1. Could anyone provide any information regarding the hospital or their new grad program? Is there anyone else interviewing for a position? I’m not from the Reno area so any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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  3. by   newgradRN12
    Hi, where are you from? I'm also interviewing, what units did you put down as your preference??
  4. by   j5676c
    I live in Vegas. I’m interviewing for ER and ICU. How about you?
  5. by   BabyG246
    Hi Guys! I'm from Reno and interviewed yesterday. How did your interviews go? Is you haven't interviewed yet, when do you go? What units? I graduated in August with my BSN. Heard they narrowed down the candidates to 40 and are taking 15 total for the program. Good luck! :-)
  6. by   j5676c
    Hi! My interview isn’t until next week. What units did you interview for? If possible, could you share your interview experience? Was it more behavioral questions or were you asked clinical questions as well? Thanks and good luck to you too =)

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