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    Currently, I am very interested in Reno Nevada, as an experienced nurse. I am very impressed with the area and surprisingly the people. I like the area, proximity to the airport, work, university, outdoors, Tahoe. I know if I decided to live here, I would take a major pay cut, probably 40-50. Could anyone give me approximate numbers on hourly wage, differentials for a nurse working nights, weekends, starting with 2-3 years experience.

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    I left Renown Health in December of 2008 and was making $27.xx/hr as a nurse with 1 year experience at that time. Night differential was 10% and no weekend differential. Hope this helps....I'd suspect with 3 years you'd be making around $29/hr base.

    I'm not sure what specialty you work in, but as an ICU nurse, I wouldn't return to Renown.

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