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NURS 100 course at NSC

  1. 0 Has anyone taken NURS 100 at NSC? Can you tell me about me? What should I expect? (I'm taking it this summer) Did you like it or learn anything? Was it easy/hard, etc? Any details are welcome!!
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    prepared to be bored out of your ________ mind.
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    What do you learn? Is there a homework or even a textbook? What do u do specifically? It would just be a 6 week session???
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    You basically learn that a BSN is not just about working in a hospital and that it's a foundation that can lead you a infinate world throughout the medical field.
    Textbook: None that I remember
    HW: Journal articles, I burned mine out in the third week and turned them all in, so just depends how proactive you are.
    WHat you do: Sit in on your butt like it was homeroom in highschool. ....

    Six weeks....better than 16

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