New grad positions in Vegas?

  1. Does anyone know when some new grad positions will be opening up in Las Vegas?
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  3. by   baker1bv
    Just apply to everything, the hospitals are all starting to hire new grades again but it will take a little time.
  4. by   muzikluvr83
    I've been applying for everything for a little over a month. No luck yet...
  5. by   baker1bv
    a month isnt really a long time, took me 9 months, dont give up
  6. by   muzikluvr83
    Wow 9 months?! I just moved here..had no idea it would be like this. I feel like I'm going to forget everything by the time I actually get a job..
  7. by   baker1bv
    the market for new grades is much better than when i graduated. I doubt it will take you that long.