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    Hi All

    I am hopefully moving to Nevada within the next couple months. Hopefully, sooner than later, depending on the job avail. I am a recent graduate of an ADN program and have worked for a hospital in my city as a tech in neuro and now as a RN on a Cardiac Critical Care unit for the last 4 months or so. I absoultely love it. I am hoping that I am able to find a similiar floor in Nevada as I have here.

    I guess my question for you all is, how hard do you think it will be knowing my breif background, in trying to land a position. I am hoping to work nights, and weekends don't bother me. I do that now. Im not going to be picky obviously...
    I am just uncertian of the market for RN's in Nevada and not only that, but the market for newly graduated RN's.

    Any info anyone has, I will appreciate

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    Hard. Stay at your job for another six months so you have a year experience which is the least you need for some medsurg floors.

    Apply online and its a wait and see game from the stories that are being shared.

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