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Ideas on Las Vegas Skilled Nursing Facilities

  1. 0 Since most hospitals are suggesting that I find a job at a skilled nursing facility, I was looking at Las Vegas Skilled Nursing Facilities/ Nursing Homes-- Basically where you get a good foundation of skills and basic procedures. I would really appreciate any input/ feedback/opinion on these facilities.. So far I am down to:

    Harmon Medical and Rehab Hospital

    Kindred Hospital- Flamingo

    Saint Joseph Transitional Rehab Center

    Heights of Summerlin

    Thanks a lot!

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    My vote, Kindred Care. Either Flamingo or Sahara.
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    I don't have personal experience with the above facilities, but I will suggest one that I do, The Plaza Regency at Sun Mountain Comprehensive Care Center...a beautiful facility & LOTS of sub acute and skilled care experience
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