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Hospitals accepting New grad rn or no experience

  1. 0 Hi i just got my nevada license (originally from vermont) i never had a job in vermont due to recession so i decide d to move to nevada. im really frustrated ive been sending resume to different hospitals or senior living but they alwayse reject me. Ive been looking for a job for almost 2 years. Please help.
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    If you think vermont is small nevada is smaller. Only new grad programs that exist really are in three areas.
    Las Vegas metro
    And everywhere else (which doesn't have much). This state is empty. I would apply though, yet I would try around your area (New England) because there isn't a lot of jobs here. If you are going to apply be competitive and have some cert's to set you aside from everyone else.
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    hi thanks for your comment. I appreciate it. I really hope i could find a work in nevada.
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    hi wildeleviosa24 how's your job hunting in vegas? i'm also moving to vegas hope there's work for us!
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    hi @roxygal_18 well, so far not good. i havent recieved any replies from the hospitals. but i hope i would soon. goodluck on both of us

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