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  1. 0 I am coming to Vegas in Feb for a visit, I wanted to get information on nursing jobs(looking to move in about 3yrs) if I go to the local hospitals HR department,will I be able to get information on salaries etc? I am an oncology RN with 3 yrs experience.

    My husband is in the casino industry and there are more opportunities and much better wheather than NJ! :heartbeat
    We are meeting a realtor to look at some homes, possible to buy ahead of time in the henderson area and the out skirts to find out about taxes etc.

    Anyone have any suggestions so that I can make the best use of the 7 days I am going to be there?
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    For homes try zipreality , very good site to find homes gives neighborhood stats and so on , saleries are probaly about the same as NJ im sure. Good Luck Bryan
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    Thanks, its a good site for real estate information and taxes.

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