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  1. 0 how long does it take the board to receive your fingerprint report back? i did them on the 21st of march and still no answer.. it's been almost 2 weeks... whats the longest you waited? i would think the 2 to 4 weeks max right? should i call the board to see if they can rush my fingerprints? ty im new in town and need to work ty
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    Did you apply for live scan or fingerprint card? Mine through fingerprintcard,I sent mine las Mar17, and yesterday Igot a letter from the board saying they want another fingerprint done because the one that I sent was rejected by FBI due to poor quality fingerprint done.
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    Live scan took about 2 weeks for me. But they told me it can take up to 4 weeks.
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    can't do livescan because i don't live in nevada..