CSN Spring 2011 full-time question...

  1. Hey everyone!

    Is anyone else, that's full-time taking any other classes besides the nursing courses?

    My dilemma is that in order for my daughter to be in daycare, I must be a full-time student.

    Since the first semester is only 8 credits (which isn't considered full-time), does anyone have any suggestions on classes that aren't too demanding? I don't need any other classes to get my ADN, just the nursing classes. So, if anyone has any suggestions on any class, I would very much appreciate it.

    Thanks in advance.
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  3. by   mmt4
    Med Terms HIT117B is online and not very demanding. Its only one credit though.
  4. by   Melissa131
    Thanks, I've already taken medical terminology. I guess I will wait and see for a bit.
  5. by   JacobK
    I'm currently in THTR 100, its a 3 credit online class, very easy and fairly interesting. One 20 min quiz each week and 4 discussion posts for the semester. If you can find another 1 credit it would probably work.

    I can however recommend NOT taking PSC 101 online, although 4 credits it was significantly more time consuming than many OFFLINE classes I've attended.
  6. by   Melissa131
    Thanks Jacob!

    That's what I was looking for.