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  1. 0 Anyone taking 224 or 251 (or both) this fall at CSN? I just wanted to touch base with people who might be on the same schedule that I am.
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    I am taking 224 at the Cheyenne campus but I go in the evenings.
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    I will be taking 224. I took 251 last semester with 223, I LOVED the lab for 251 but I am a nerd :-) Good Luck!!
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    How was it taking the two lab classes together, not too overwhelming? Are you applying for the Fall 2011 program?
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    I did not mind the workload of the two classes, what I do not like is physiology! So I put more effort into micro than that and my grades reflected that. As long as you have good study habits, it is totally doable.
    Yes, I am applying for Fall 2011, I had originally planned on Spring but because they did not have sciences over the summer and I did not want to go elsewhere, it will be Fall until I can apply with enough points. How about yourself??
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    I am taking 223 and 251 this fall... excited
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    hi melement, my friend is applying for fall 2011 as well. How many points do you have?

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