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Just wanted to say that I was a part of the first graduating class from Carrington College (formerly Apollo College) in Reno. There were 19 of us who graduated. We have all taken the NCLEX and can... Read More

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    If you guys don't mind me asking... I just got accepted for the jan start date. My first academic year is covered already, only have a difference for the 2nd year. When I called to accept my spot they told me I'd need to have pre approval for a loan or something to prove that I have an academic plan in place or they won't let me register? They never told me that I'd have to be prepared for that to register before, and my appointment is in 4 days! What did you guys do? Did they require the same of you? I'm a little upset it's all being sprung on me so quickly, considering I thought I had until the fall to take care of that!
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    I am scheduled to take the hesi on the 30th to get into the September class at the Reno campus. What materials did were the most helpful in preparing for the test. I'm really nervous and dont feel very prepared. HELP!!!!!!!!