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Another out of stater moving to LV

  1. 0 Hey everyone, I plan on moving this spring and was wondering if anyone could give a little low down on how it is to work for some of the hospitals there. Primarily, I am interested in hearing about ICU's as that is my background. So far, I have interest in St. Martin and Siena, Southern Hills, Mountainview and UMC. Any information anyone has about these places or any other ICU for that matter would be greatly appreciated!

    Thank you in advance
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    I hear that Siena and St Martin are great hospitals to work for. UMC is always in the newspaper for some reason. But my pts always says that they received good care from UMC. Stay away from Sunrise hosp. If I were you go to Siena or St Martin. Good Luck.
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    Thanks for that!
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    y would you stay away from Sunrise?

    What is a good pediatric hospital?
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    I hated it when I worked their. I worked nights and we would get 9-12 patients. That is to many.
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    I hear Sunrise has a good pediatric section. I worked adult Med Surg - Tele

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