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Advice on starting the part-time RN program @ CSN

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    I am going to begin the RN part-time track and am working 40 hrs per week. Anybody else doing the same? Or anyone that has already done it? I must admit, I am nervous about being able to do well and work that many hours, but I have to try. If it becomes to much, I hope to be able to quit work and continue school but with the economy and finances, I must work as long as possible. So, with that, I am seeking advice from anyone who is in the same boat.

    Thanks in advance!
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    I am applying for the pt program for the fall and plan to work 32 hrs (considered full time) as a CNA. I don't have any choice. We gotta do what we gotta do
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    I'm in the full time and I plan to work part time. Good luck!
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    YOu are right, we have to what we have to do!!
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    It's doable. I know many people who have worked FT and are in the program. Just have to keep yourself organized. The first semester will be tough because you will have 2 classes no matter what, then you go down to 1 at a time.