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  1. 0 Hey everyone,

    I'm 23 and have decided I want to pursue nursing. I was wondering, here in Vegas, if hospitals will hire ADNs, and aren't tossing apps without BSN.

    I'm going to have to work full-time and pay out of pocket, so the shorter and less-expensive route would be very beneficial to me, at the moment. I do plan on later obtaining a BSN; in the long-run I'd like to pursue becoming an NP.

    Also, is there a stigma over Community versus State Colleges?

    Any information is greatly appreciated!
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    Overall most people will tell you a bsn is better, in real life if you just want to work the floor, its about the same. Do what you can get done easiest. In Nevada there hasnt yet been a push to only hire BSNs.
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    This issue has been covered over and over. Try looking at other posts for information.