What to expect working as an ACP on Neuroscience Floor?

  1. Hi all

    I am a 2nd term nursing student and I have an interview tomorrow for a patient care tech on a neuroscience floor at Mayo Clinic. So, my question is, beside the obvious vitals and patient care (personal hygiene, etc), what types of duties would I be doing? Any input would be appreciated! I also had a med-surge interview this past week...but I'm thinking I might go with the neuro position (mostly because it's the #1 hospital here). Thoughts? INsights? Thank you!
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  3. by   Rob72
    I'm not sure if Mayo has a "primary" population, or not, but:

    • Stroke (swallow/fall/movement precautions, assistance with toileting, repositioning, feeding)
    • Epilepsy (fall precautions, keep them entertained during monitoring)
    • Movement Disorders (falls, mobility issues)
    • Degenerative Processes (MS, ALS, KJD- entail coping/grief issues, mobility/safety, care-giver support)

    Those are the biggies, off the top of my head.