What to expect on a Neuro Med-Surg unit?

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    Greetings allnurses,

    I just wanted to asked experienced nurses in the neurological field what type of advice they can offer a brand new nurse (i've only had a pca position on an oncology unit) that has been offered a position on a Neuro Med-Surg unit. I have a while before I start orientation and I want to have some material to study so that I can show my unit that I'm bringing my A game. I want them to know that I'm taking this job seriously.

    If you have any books you recommend that would be appreciated as well.
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    on our floor my fave dx is "altered mental status". can mean everything from sleepy/ decreased LOC, agitation, restlessness, out right mean, AxO of zero, on and on....
    we have seizures, s/p cva/tia, "confusion", UTIs because of the confusion it presents in our elderly patients, Alzheimers, swallowing difficulty, various aphagias, R/L sided "weakness"....etc
    and the phrase "patient is a fairly poor historian" or "pleasantly confused"....makes me giggle every time i read it.
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