Global anoxic brain injury - your thoughts?

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    I recently cared for a woman who had global anoxic brain injury. She suffered form significant and frequent sympathetic storms. Given that I work in hospice, we are geared to alleviate unpleasant symptoms, so...
    we treated the storms with morphine, ativan, and clonipin. The result was excellent, much better than I recall achieving in years of working in the Peds ICU where we had many neuro patients. Any thoughts?

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    I am just working on my nursing degree now, but I do have a background in speech therapy and what I can remember about any type of brain injury esp. global, there is a lot of damage that does occur in the brain. She is probably dealing with a lot of confusion and probably unaware of some of the beahviors that might be occuring. Working in the Neuro is hard, and I'm hoping one day I will have the opportunity to work in a neuro unit. Just remember it's not personal, the brain works in interesting ways and sometimes people can't help when they lose theirs

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