Alzheimer's patients and falls

  1. I work in a memory care/Alzheimer's/Dementia unit and I have some of my residents that have weekly falls. Is this normal? How do I explain this to family members that are upset when the fall is unwitnessed and all I can do is kind of piece together what I think may have happened?
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  3. by   SarcasticLVN
    We have an Alzheimer's unit at our facility and we have a majority of them in activities, cnas around, and a nurses plus administration and other medica staff back and forth and we still have regulars with falls. I float but I make it a point when I'm back there I'm constantly checking on the fall risks. One lady will look and smile at me and the second my back is turned she tries to get up! I make sure all my cnas get report of the fall risks and who needs extra watching. It's hard, but it happens.. Lucky the family members ive delt with are understanding, but if they are new to th fact their loved one is a fall risk it just takes time good caring explainatiom especially of what you are doing to prevent wnd monitor, reporting to your cnas and next nurse etc.
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