"White vessel disease"??

  1. 0 Has anyone heard of "white vessel disease of the brain"? I have a friend who says her husband was dx with this but I've never heard of it & am thinking they were told something more along the lines of white matter disease. Her 60 something hubby has been having TIA the past few days apparently, although according to her an MRI has never been done (thought that was standard?) I don't have lots of details though.

    Just curious if that term, white vessel disease, is used at times & what exactly it refers to. My understanding is that really isn't specific, since white matter problems are a part of neuro issues such as MS, parkinson's, alzheimers, etc.

    Thanks for any comments!
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    Try a Google search. Lots of info there.

    Best wishes.
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    With the TIA's it sounds like she may be talking about Vascular Dementia?
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    Yeah, I'm not sure. Doing a search for "white vessel disease" doesn't bring anything up except referring to white matter issues or small vessel disease which is what I think is what was probably meant by the docs. But the wife keeps referring to his "white vessels" like it's something rare. I just have a feeling they're meaning blood flow is restricted to areas of white matter causing the symptoms.

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