Teaching Neuro checks/GCS to 1st/2nd semester nursing students

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    Hi! I am in my last semester of an LPN-RN program; one of my projects is to teach a nursing skill to 1st and 2nd semester nursing students. I plan on teaching them both neuro checks and how to use the Glascow Coma Scale.

    Are there any words of wisdom that you neuro ICU nurses can share with me? I am looking for pre-printed cards that have the GCS on them, plus other information. If you know if any, I'd appreciate hearing about them. I did a rotation on a SICU and loved it - the RN I was paired up with was wonderful, let me help out in suctioning a patient (he did the suctioning, I held the equipment), and that helped to shape my goal of working in neuro when I graduate.

    Thanks for your help! I graduate in December, and can't wait!

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    *Bumping this up* Anyone have any experience with the 5 minute neuro check? I've heard about it, but the only info I've found relates to diving.

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