1. Hello all,

    I am a new nurse. Last week, my employer scheduled me for a mandatory stroke education. The list was comprised of only 12 nurses. The majority Neuro ICU nurses/ charge nurses. A few were charge nurses and long term RNs from my floor (Neuro Intermediate and/or Step down), I was the only newbie (yay!)

    Anyway, I was informed at the education session that the purpose of it is to prepare all of us for our SCRNs and/ or CNRNs, which ever we choose to do. Suddenly, the NP and the Stroke Coordinator realized that I have only been a nurse for 5 months and told me that I am unable to do either of the certifications, they are correct.
    However, I ordered "Fast Facts for Stroke Care Nursing: An Expert Guide in a Nutshell" by Kathy Morrison. The author mentioned that there are two more certifications related to stroke: NVRN (Neurovascular RN) and CRRN (Certified Rehabiliation RN).

    I am interested in the NVRN-BC by the Association of Neurovascular Clinicians because the requirement is 1,000 clinical hours, as opposed 4,160 hours for the CNRN. I have noticed that the NVRN is not as popular as the CNRN.

    My goals are to enter an ICU and obtain a more in depth knowledge of strokes, as well as other neurological disorders, which is why I'm interested in only the NVRN and CNRN because they cover more than SCRN.

    Do you think taking the NVRN is a good idea, even though it is less popular?

    Thanks in advance!
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  3. by   Uniden
    I haven't heard of that one. For me, any cert my employer will pay for I'll get. At the very least, I gain some extra knowledge and ways to describe things. At best, I will get a pay increase from the next hospital.