new grad in neuro-telemetry intermediate CCU

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    Hi all,
    Im a nursing student interviewing for a job on a neuro-telemetry "intermediate CCU."

    I have no idea what I want to do when i graduate - and told the nurse recruiter that i found neuro and telemetry interesting so she set me up with this interview.

    Any advice? or experiences on this type of floor you can elighten me with? Is this a feesible place for GN's to start? How critical are these patients?


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    I know telemetry and I know neuro but I have never heard of a neuro-telemetry unit!!
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    Are you talking about a EPI unit? The patients are monitored (ekg and eeg and cameras) when there is seizure activity you basically record the events?Is that what you are calling a neurotelemetry unit?????
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    actually, i do not know. the nurse recruiter told me it was a neuro-telemetry unit. when i questioned her... basically its a neuro unit with some patients on tele.

    what have your experiences been on neuro? just curious as to what it is like to work on a neuro unit??

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