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  1. 0 I am starting the nursing program at Metro this Fall. Anyone else going to Metro?
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    i'm going to metro taking pre-req classes for nursing... interested in Clarkson for nursing
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    My cousin should be graduating from Clarkson's nursing program pretty soon. I don't know much about their program, though. Is it as competitive as Metro's nursing program?
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    unlike metro, Clarkson offers a four year nursing program... you can earn your BSN. So I would believe it is more competitive
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    I am also starting my pre reqs this year (I'll actually be starting in the Dec quarter) and then heading to Clarkson after those are all done.
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    Clarkson doesn't require you to have your pre reqs done before you go there. I've only taken two classes at Metro (math and science) and then all i need to take before i get into the lpn program is a Nutrition class and a Human Developement class, which they provide.
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    I would advise that you go do a college visit. I did it and they explained things to me in a new perspective and are there to help! Go in with a list of question and just ask away. I had a lot of fun doing the college visit and college tour.