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Creighton Accelerated Nursing & Kids

  1. 0 I've been accepted to Creighton's accelerated nursing program starting August 2014. I recently found out I was pregnant, I'm due beginning of February, so I have two options with the program. I can defer until August 2015 or I can start August 2014, take 2nd semester off in January, then pick up with the class that starts in January when they start their 2nd semester in May. I'm having a hard time making this decision. I would like input from people that were in the program and especially people who had kids while they were in it or were pregnant during it. Either option I'll have a kid while I'm in the program. Could someone give me a break down of semesters like class hours/days vs clinic hours/days and also the amount of studying with each semester? Thanks for any input.
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    Is this your first baby? I have 6 kids, 4 while starting and mid way through my bachelors(still in progress). Being in late pregnancy and a newborn is hard. I dropped most of my classes if I had a newborn because of the difficulty. I cant even imagine nursing school with a newborn. Definitely something to think about.