When can I actually retake it? I'm confused :(

  1. Hi!

    If anyone has gone to through this or know the answer, I would appreciate any info because it's driving me nuts.

    I first took the test April 07, 2011. I got the letter after I didn't pass saying, "Your application will be considered abandoned and your file destroyed if you do not take the examination within two (2) years from the date of your last examination." So that means, well take the test before April 07, 2013 right? BUT when I re-applied to the Boards last month, I got the letter on March 20 this year for my eligibility to take the test. And at the bottom of that it says if I don't register and test within 2 years of the eligibility letter (March 20, 2013), I would have to apply to the board again for exam and licensing. So now I'm freaking out because I can't figure out if I have to take it before April 07 (Which will be bad because there are no test dates available before then) or if I do actually have more time to schedule the test. Yes, I have called the CA state boards too but today they just so happened to be closed for a holiday. Any info would be appreciated!

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  3. by   ObieBrown
    Maybe its best to call your board of nursing