what is the best nclex review for foreign grads.

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    I'm a graduate from the Philippines. I really need help in terms of finding a good review class because I have been out of school for about a year now. Places in tbe bay area please. Thank you so much.

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    I graduated in the Philippines too. I took Hurst review and it helped me alot. Plus lacharity PDA also. Good luck, let me know if you need any help!
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    Hi there! Graduate in PI too! And using Mary Ann Hogan book and will be attending Hurst on June!!
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    did u passed?
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    Thanks I looked around and it seemed like hurst was the way to go. So j started the online course ans I'm planning to do the live review. What are your thoughts about the live review?
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    I'm attending the live review in june as well. I just need as much refresher courses as I can get

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