Very Helpful Website-EKG's, Lung Sounds, Heart Sounds Very Helpful Website-EKG's, Lung Sounds, Heart Sounds | allnurses

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Very Helpful Website-EKG's, Lung Sounds, Heart Sounds

  1. 10 Hey all ,

    Found a website that is very helpful with EKG's. It allows you to take quizzes to test your knowledge by identifying the proper rhythms. It also has a section where you can listen to the different lung and heart sounds. Since I have heard of a few people getting audio questions, thought this might be helpful for those of us preparing to take our NCLEX.

    Here is the link:

    A few weeks ago someone posted another ECG website that I found to be helpful, here is that link:

    Hope this helps someone!
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    Thank you Nurse2beMN!!! I love the quiz aspect of these resources!! Thank you again!!

    Back at ya!!
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    wow, thanks for sharing this
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    I use this a lot when teaching the newbies. Works great