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Took NCLEX today-265

  1. 0 Sat down at 1:30 and walked out 5 ours later. ALL 265 glorious questions later, I walked straight to my car, held back tears, and did the PVT. Through my blurred, puffy eyes, I saw the good pop up! You know the one, "our records indicate blah blah blah. Contact your BON." Here's hoping I'm not the exception to the rule.
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    CONGRATS...Hard work always works...mine is in next month ..hoping for the best...
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    Thanks! I wanted to freak out at least 4 different times during the exam but kept my cool and told my self "I haven't failed yet. I'm still getting questions."
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    Good Job!!
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    It's official. I am an RN
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    Congrats!!! I tested Monday and still waiting on dang quick results.
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    I couldn't take the waiting anymore so I left the house and went shopping Good luck, you should be hearing soon!