Took Nclex-rn on September 2013 and passed... My Study plan

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    Hello Everyone,
    I just wanted to share my nclex experience and study plan with you guys... I mainly used Saunder's and Kaplan Qbank to study. I devoted at least 4-5 hours per day for 3 weeks. I would break up the 4-5 hours each day into 2 each. In the morning I would do at least 100 questions and then during the evening I would not only look over the rationales of every question (right or wrong) butttt... I would WRITE down the rationales so that its in my memory. Any topic that I wasn't familiar with (or only knew a little bit about)... I used the Saunder's comprehensive book to fill in the topic so I get a better understanding (and again would write down facts in my rationales notebook). This way I was looking at a variety of questions and focusing on my weaknesses without wasting time. Lastly, before bedtime I would look over my notebook that I wrote the rationales down in and read it before going to bed.

    I filled at least two of the 6in x 9in notebooks and read them over. That way I'm reviewing effectively. Remember guys this is a computer adaptive test, it tries to find a weakness. The trick is to fake no weaknesses.

    Saunder's comprehensive book is helpful in filling in those gaps and the Qbank is helpful in getting you in the mode of doing questions. Did I feel the Kaplan question were like the nclex?? Yes, I did feel the questions were phased in the same way. I did the whole qbank.

    My Nclex experience:
    I had my test scheduled for 12:30 pm (which is around the time I would normally do questions for those 3 weeks). My mind was already in that questions doing zone and I was able to concentrate better because my brain and body were familiar with this routine. I got to the test center 30 minutes early and got myself situated. I said a quick prayer and started. I would only concentrate on the question in front of me. I did not try to look for a pattern in the questioning because I would be wasting brain energy.
    As soon the computer shut off, I said another pray and then raised my hand.

    Minutes after leaving, I went home and did the pearsonvue trick (pvt trick... made sure it said delivery successful) and it gave me that good pop up. Remember the number of questions has NOTHING TO DO WITH IF YOU PASSED OR NOT... DO NOT WASTE TIME LOOKING INTO THAT. Exactly 48 hours after I finished the test, the quick results were up and I
    passed!!!! (I took the test on a Friday and the results were up on Sunday)

    I hope this helps someone out there...
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    CONGRATULATION good job!
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    did you do the Q trainers as well?
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    Congrats! I'm following the same plan. I started about 4 weeks ago and I take the NCLEX 9/12. I exhausted the Kaplan Q-Trainers and Q-bank and I used Saunder's too along with their questions for content. I hope that's enough. I'll try to take your advice and take it one question at a time...
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    CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!! Thank you for sharing and plan to follow your study plan. Taking a whole month away from work hopefully that's enough time.
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    awesome... congrats nurse.
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    wow what a great feeling! Congrats! also using Kaplan QT so far, did you feel the test was terribly hard?
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    congrats on passing...I have not rescheduled for my 3rd time yet...hope to be telling my story to happy ending here soon.
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    Hi there. I recently took my NCLEX-RN as well. Very recently... I left the testing site 4 hours ago. In my case, I did the entire 265 questions; it was an exhausting, mind-numbing 5.5 hours. I left completely bummed; then again, I don't know many people who leave the test bubbly and happy. I spent almost 2 months reviewing Saunders (the last 3 weeks were entirely quizzes, exams, and looking over rationales on the CD). I did Kaplan for about 2 weeks, but had to cancel due to family emergency (I couldn't make their classes).

    We don't have quickresults here in California, unfortunately. I tried the Pearson Vue Trick (confirmed that status was "Delivery Successful") and received the good pop-up "Our records indicate you have recently scheduled this exam. Please... ."

    As much as I would love to believe this, I continue to be in a mode of nervous anticipation. You can't blame me lol. Well, I'll follow up with my official result when possible. *Fingers crossed*
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    I took the NCLEX for the second time today and got the 265 questions. I don't know if I should stress or not. I had a old high school classmate who took the test at the same time as me and also got the 265 questions. We were chatting after the test and found out that we got ALOT of the same questions. As of now neither of us knows if we passed or not. It took him 2 1/2 hours for to do all 265 and it took me 6 hours. But the test proctor also said that they haven't had anyone have the full 265 questions until the last 2 days and 3 of us have gotten it. HELP!!!

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