Thanks for everyone

  1. Thank you so much to all for your support,love and prayers. After joining in the forum,i started to know everything,about resoures for Nclex. I am very thankful to all for giving me such great advises. Still i cant believe,i passed Nclex!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks for the great people.
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  3. by   Hadassah16
    You're welcome ssk5. You studied hard, pass and you deserve it. Celebrate your success!
  4. by   ssk5
    Me and my husband are celebrating shampaine party
  5. by   cave
    hi do you have any notes you would like to share my email is .... Congrats!!!
  6. by   ssk5
    I am sorry cave. I did not prepare any notes particularly. I just referred all available sources like........Saunders,lippincots, Hurst review, Kaplan, Exam cram and PDA. I studied Nclex study guide posted in this forum. If you need it I can send it you.

    I am really very sorry........