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Taking NLCEX RN Tomorrow

  1. 1 Hello everyone this is actually my first post. I'm taking the NCLEX RN tomorrow for the first time and I'm feeling a little confident but also pretty nervous. I'm assuming that it's just the normal jitters that everyone else would feel. I've been studying for about 3 weeks now. I'm using Hurst Review, Kaplan Strategies, ATI, NCLEX 3500, Hogan, and YouTube Videos. I mainly just use Hurst and ATI for content and the rest just questions. I feel like I don't know everything which is impossible but if I understand the meat of it then that's ok. Well wish me good luck and I will give you guys an update. My test is scheduled at 8 am tomorrow here in Florida.
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    Good luck ^_^
    You can do it!
    I'll pray for your success
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    Good luck! You studied the same way I did. I took it today in Mobile, AL. (I actually live in FL but Mobile is our closest testing center) Got the good pop up! Yay! It was unlike any test I've ever taken! Just take it one question at a time! And think about what it's really asking you. Good luck!!!!
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    Good Luck!!!
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    Thanks everyone I got 85 questions and the good pop up it was the hardest test I've ever took
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    any tips?
    had ekg question?
    if yes, which type?
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    Well we are obligated not to discuss any questions. Make sure your familiar with the cardiac rhythms a nurse with two weeks of experience should know. The NCLEX was very very very challenge. I really thought I failed when it was over, I cried like a baby.
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    Hello. Yes good luck tomorrow. I was going to the University of Phoenix & a little discouraged. I took
    an LOA to think if I should continue going there in January 2014. There were a large number of people
    that I know that failed the exit test ATI. The very last test that is over everything learned. Nothing
    to show for it. Started looking at community colleges here in Arizona. Not sure which one is good to
    go to & less money. Perplexed!!!!!! Any suggestions

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    Good luck todayyy