Taking NCLEX-RN 2nd time. Should I wait > than the allowed 45 days to retake exam?

  1. 0 Taking NCLEX-RN for the 2nd time. Should I wait longer than the aloud 45 days to retake exam? I am using Saunders Comprehensive Review book and Lacharity Prioritization, Delegation and Assignment this time around. Last time I used Kaplan but it didn't help me.
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    I did, as soon as I was allowed to test I did. I used the study guide floating around and the NCSBN 3 week learning extension, but I took the Nclex for my PN, I just got the good pop up and 45 day felt like it was enough of studying for me. Good luck!
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    I failed my first time, and i am currently waiting for my results for my second time. i used the review on learning.ext.com or something like that. type into google NCLEX review and its down there on the first page somewhere. it helpped a lot! I waited 3+ months to retake it. which i thought was a mistake but i feel SOO much smarter now w/ everything ive learned in the past months. GOODLUCK!

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