Taking NCLEX-PN in 2 days, any last minute advice?

  1. 0 Hello everyone
    I sit for my boards in 2 days. I've been doing nothing but studying for the last few days (literally, I even asked for a few days off work to focus ONLY on the test) ..yet I feel like nothings sticking

    I've gone over my entire Nclex Review book, done some online stuff, questions, you name it! I haven't scored anything lower than a 75% on any of the reviews I've done.

    If there's ANY last minute advice/suggestions/pointers/tips/topics you guys have for me, I'd gladlyyyyy appreciate them!

    Please & thank you!
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    Good luck!!! To u, I'm also styding for that, so i don't have any advises
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    Just read ur lab.values again..then a day before ur exam just relax,just do anything that will make u busy.the day before my exam I'm busy choosing what clothes to wear.coz I wanna look good on that day.pray and have faith.: you can do it.
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    dont study on the day before and during the day... just relax.. believe me.. i took my nclex pn yesterday.. and all that i reviewed sink when i was answering.. just take a deep breath.. think positive and keep trusting God.. Pray !... Claim it and you'll received it..

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