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Taking Nclex pn for the 2nd attempt?

  1. 0 Can someone give me their opinion on which review is best for nclex pn , Hurst or Kaplan?
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    I did the Hurst Review online and loved it! The benefit of doing it online is that you get access for 90 days. It helped being able to go back over the review as often as I liked. Good luck!!
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    @TBBRN2011 thanks a lot...I actually did the 2 day live review this past Saturday and Sunday and it was so helpful.....So I will will stick with Hurst and I just purchased Saunders 5th edition.....What are you using as study material?
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    I graduated two years ago. I'm now in UTA's RN-BSN program. Hurst is really good. I only used that and I did practice questions from Saunders.

    Just keep studying and you will do great! I stopped studying two days before my boards to allow my mind to rest.

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