taking nclex pn tomorrow- nervous

  1. 0 Hey all. Im about to take the nclex pn tom and I am back and forth with my confidence. I studied about 4 hrs a day for 2 weeks *i grad in mid dec*. I mostly am using saunders green book and doing nclex questions thru them. I was doing notecards on the tables in the saunders book but that took me forever, and I feel it is way too detailed. I know nclex is harder than the questions u can practice on, and im scared. I know if u panic u will prob fail, I did good in school but I freaked out on thte hesi pn test and I know thats a good indicator on how ur going to do on nclex. I need to focus and breath, I have a headache and idk what i should do for my remanding hrs before the test tom morn. any helpful advice and tips on what they throw at u is VERY APPECIATED =]
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    Relax tonight, watch a comedy and do not think about the exam. Layout your outfit for tomorrow so will be prepared ahead of time. Sending possitive vibes your way.

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