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Taking my test TOMORROW!!

  1. 0 AHHH I'm freakin out! I was going to try and reschedule my test for Wednesday but I guess you can't reschedule if your test is less than 24 hrs away!!! I keep picking up my Kaplan book trying to get these darn meds in my head but it won't stick!!! I know I should just relax today but I feel like I don't remember anything and me being in my last month of pregnancy isn't helping either (this baby of mine is super hyper or something..he movesssss too much..haha)..

    K just need to release some tension!! I think I'll just look over my labs and thats it..I'm going to enjoy this Super Bowl Sunday!! Anyhoo!

    Please pray for me guys!!! Thanks!! and Blessings to all of u in your studies and for all who are taking the test too!!!

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    good luck
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    Good Luck!!
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    You'll give us the great news on Wednesday!!!! I can imagine reading your post saying: :ys!!!: .... I Passed HURRAY!!!!

    Best wishes and keep us posted!