TAKIN NClex pn today!!!!

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    Say a word of prayer for me .. am soo nervous but I believe in GOd.. He will take over

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    I did! Good luck!
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    Quote from pookyp
    I did! Good luck!
    How was it
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    You will do great!
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    God bless you and goodluck!
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    Good luck to you!
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    I hope you pass! I take my nclex pn in 5 days.
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    Got a gud pop up... I hav no argument...I know God has done it..!!!!!!
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    I am also praying that I pass on December 1. I take my nclex pn. Did you get alot of select all that apply and pharm?

    and did you think it was hard?
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    Quote from rozy9494

    How was it
    I meant i prayed for you. Lol

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