Take that NCLEX!!

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    Took my exam on Thursday and....


    Passing NCLEX is an even better feeling than graduating from nursing school! Now to get a job.....

    Congrats to everyone else that has conqured the NCLEX and good luck to anybody whose about to take it.

    My advice is do as many practice questions as you can (I had an instructor that said 3,000-4,000). You will be nervous when the day comes around, just take some deep breaths. You will walk out of there feeling like you failed (I did, I contiplated going home and studying). Take the day before off, don't study. Good luck!!!!

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    WAY TO GO! Congratulations! I take it tomorrow. :-\ Here's to passing
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    Congratulations! I hope to be posting something along these lines next week!
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    Congratulations! Well done...
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