so scared!!!!!

  1. 0 I finish RN school in 2009. My first NCLEX tried in 2010 I failed. I thought I was prepared but guess what?? few days before the test I My mind was blocked. I reapply two months ago and I just received my att number. I would like to take the examination before this month is over due to the changes in standard scores. I have being studying for two months now. I feel not prepared yet. I have Hurst, Saunders and just brought la Charity. my scores are not good. How you noticed I have some English barrier, sorry if any misspelling. Again, one week for now, I want to take the exam. What you guys recommend me to study more, any other review??? Congrats to all of you that already pass!!!
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    where u at right now?
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    I'm doing Saunders quizzes. I don't know if would be a good idea to pay for Kaplan Qtrainers
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    Kaplan offers review for international graduate nurses, that might help you to understand more. Goodluck!
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    Thank you, I need it

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